Friendship Park

Attractions of Friendship Square

The Rostrum

The rostrum of Friendship Square is found at the center of the flower belts. It is shaped like Calla lilies, Ethiopia’s national flower. These flowers have been known since ancient times and represent Ethiopia as the origin of the human race.

On the posterior wall of the rostrum is marble engraved art, representing Ethiopia’s natural resources and culture. This art has traditional musical instruments, crops, mountains, rivers, trees, endemic animals, traditional foods, and the Ethiopian coffee ceremony

There is a brown eye on the peak of the rostrum, and stairs leading from the wall to here are engraved with names of 80 nations & nationalities in Ethiopia.

This conveys that every nation\nationality is as valuable to Ethiopia as an eye is to a person. The diversity of Ethiopian people is further shown by the 80 trees planted on the two walkways on each side of the rostrum. 

The Flower Belts

These flower belts are arranged alternately with stairways in the shape of beads worn by Arbore women in Omo Valley. The flowers are of different types and colors. Occasional bees can be seen on them. There are traditional hives in the park to support the bees. At the top of the stairway, the flowers give impressive scenery. The other parts of the park, Unity Park and Addis city, are also seen from the hill and back down.

The Dancing Fountains

There is a 100m by 7m space for a water and light show in Friendship Park (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), a few feet down from the rostrum. The dancing fountain displayed here is the first in Ethiopia and only open on special occasions. The fountain can be synchronized with music; and is more impressive at night due to the accompanying dim light.   

Sheger Lake

Sheger Lake is an artificial lake of 16,900m2 surface area filled by 12,000 litters. The lake is 25 meters deep and was dug nonstop until completed. It is kept clean by a new anti-seepage technology that increases oxygen content in water and gives it fountains. It has fishes and ducks that add to the birdlife of the friendship park. There is a theater of 6,000 people capacity at the shore. The stage on the lake could be used for different concerts and programs.


Garden Paradise

The paradise garden has interconnected water ponds, trees, benches, and theaters. It is highly photogenic and can be used for different occasions. Most of the trees in the park are transplanted from other places and include coffee plantations.

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